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Reservations & Down Payments

Reservations may require non-refundable down payment.

Bad Weather Cancellation / Refund Policy

If the weather conditions are forecast to be unfavorable (greater than 50% chance of precipitation during your rental time frame), you have the option to reschedule or cancel your event 24 hours prior to delivery.

If you opt NOT to cancel before 7 AM of the event date and wish to risk the possible bad weather, payment is due in full, even if you are unable to use the equipment due to adverse weather conditions. We reserve the right to cancel your event before or after delivery if the forecast or actual weather conditions are a danger to the safety of our staff or equipment.

General Cancellation / Refund Policy

You may cancel or reschedule a rental up to 24 hours before the event. No later than 7 AM on the day of the event.


If we need to process a refund for an outstanding circumstance, we would do so solely at our discretion, and a 5% processing fee would apply.

Standard Delivery and Setup Services

All of our rental prices and shipping fees include professional delivery and setup for residential customers (minimum order amounts apply). Depending upon our number of deliveries, your delivery may be up to several hours before your start time, and your pickup may be up to several hours past your end time, but your scheduled times are guaranteed.

Due to insurance purposes, Jump and Play RVA does not allow pick up. We must deliver each unit to meet our safety requirements.

Premium Delivery and Setup Services

For schools, churches, businesses, corporate clients, or anyone requiring specific delivery times, delivery outside of our normal delivery area, and/or special setup requirements, we offer customer premium delivery and set up services to meet your specific needs (please contact us for a custom quote).

Inflatable Setup Surfaces

The preferred and safest setup surface for inflatables is grass. We put down an oversized tarp for ground cover and protection, and stake the inflatables down to the ground. We DO NOT set up on rocks, sand, or sloped ground.

We can also set up on driveways, concrete, asphalt, or indoors. These types of setups require sandbags for anchoring and foam padding at the entrances and exits for safety. Notify us to ensure we bring the correct equipment for a safe installation.

Rental Contract and Liability Release

All rentals require an electronic signature of our rental contract and liability release. Your confirmation email will contain a link to this document for your review and electronic signature.

Schools, Churches, Camps, and Corporate Events

We are experts at setting up events of various sizes. We can help you plan your event including equipment selection, site layout, logistics, etc. We have package discounts available. Give us a call or to discuss.

Park Rentals

We can set up in most parks, but restrictions apply. We are happy to provide certificates of insurance (COI) to comply with park regulations. It is your responsibility to inform us 7 days before the event if you need a COI. If you need a generator for power, you will need to rent one. Check with the park for rules and restrictions regarding inflatables. Most parks require the use of a generator, even if power outlets are available. If your rental is going to be inside a park, please contact us before booking.

Negligence & Abuse

All our equipment is commercial quality and will not be damaged by normal use. However, you are responsible for any theft, damage, or cleaning costs not related to ordinary use or wear and tear, which includes (but is not limited to) cutting or tearing of the vinyl or netting, damage due to overturning, overloading, exceeding rated capacities, improper use, abuse, or using non-approved items such as silly string, confetti, toys, baby oil, food & drink, candy, paint, etc.

Silly String

WARNING: Silly String causes permanent damage to inflatables. You should not have silly string at your party if you plan to have an inflatable. Even trace amounts of dry silly string on kid's clothes can cause permanent staining. You will be responsible for any damage caused by silly string which could involve complete replacement of the inflatable!

Water Slide Deflation

If you deflate a water slide, you must first turn the water off and empty the pool! Failure to do this will flood your yard and result in extra charges for additional labor and equipment required to pick up a slide that's full of water.

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